How to import short links from another service into Blanq

You can export links from other URL shortening services and import them into your dashboard. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Signup and create an account on Blanq and go to the Domains page in the dashboard. Follow the instructions on that page and add your custom domain. domains page in blanq dashboard
  • Next, go to your existing link shortening service and export a csv or an XL sheet file. Ensure the sheet has two columns: Short Link and Original Link.
  • Email this file to support[at] and also let us know your email address with which you signed up on Blanq. We will import all your links into your profile and let you know.
  • You can then, proceed to update your A record in your DNS settings. Remove all existing A, AAA and Cname records and add a new A record pointing to our IP address More details can be read here.
  • Wait for an hour or so for us to confirm your DNS settings. You will receive an email after we finish the process.
  • And its DONE! You can now proceed to use your links from your Blanq dashboard.