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Create QR Code and Track Scans.

Create a QR code image for your short link. Track scan in realtime and know your audience better.

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Supports PNG and SVG formats.

Download QR code in JPG or SVG format for your marketing use. The SVG format is for printing as well as web purposes. It also retains its quality after resizing.

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Track QR scans in realtime.

Every QR code scan is recorded as a click and be tracked in the link's analyctics page. You can also measure your long-term perfromance in the insights section.

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Change QR code link.

Edit the destination links without changing your QR code image. After the update, the short link associated with the QR code will point to the new destination link.

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Manage all your links easily.

See and manage all the links in your dashboard. Search, edit and delete any link quickly and easily.

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