It's been more than three years since I started Blanq. My mission is to make it the best URL shortener out there. URL shorteners fascinate me - they often get a bad rap because of misuse but in the right hands, they can do wonders.

I have tried every other competitor out there and I found a few common issues: poor user experience, too expensive, support is slow to answer etc. While Blanq is a latecomer to the link-shortening party, I want it to be a platform that's fun to use, reliable and customer friendly. The goal is to create an engaging platform with a great customer experience.

My background

I have several years of experience building high-traffic web applications. Blanq is not my first product but I have spent most of my time and energy on it. You can find me on Twitter @byteblanq where I share my indie hacking journey. Feel free to share your feedback or come say Hi :)

- Shashank