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Create branded short links using your domain and track them in realtime. Know which links are driving the most traffic and improve your marketing.

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Track clicks and increase engagement

Blanq is a link management platform for marketers. Share branded links with your audience and track clicks in realtime. See insights for your campaign and improve your conversion rate.

Traffic routing flows

Dynamic traffic routing.

Serve different destination links based on country, device, OS and language. You can also combine all these attributes to create many rules for a single short link.

Insights dashboard

See detailed metrics for your links.

Besides analytics for each link, track 30 day aggregated performance of all your links. See popular links, rate of growth and more.

Click time

Know the best time to share.

Your audience is not always online. Share your short links when they are most likely to see and click.

What our customers say

“The analytics for clicks, regions, device-types, and browser statistics allowed us to analyze the click-to-open rate as well as test different campaigns.”

Konstatin - Founder of Interviewy

“I needed a way to have custom URLs for different marketing situations so I have more granular control over how my pitch is presented my customer. I'm glad I found Blanq since it greatly reduced the leg work of setting up domains and redirects.”

Bryson K - Small business owner

“I can create a customized shortened link quickly and efficiently and see analytics of my links easily and the service is the most cost-effective of all link shorteners. I have also had technical issues dealt with quickly.“

Features to create and track branded links.

Everything related to branded link management is in one place. Create better links, build trust and increase engagement.

Custom domains

Shorten links using your own domain. Say goodbye to generic short links.

Link management

Managing links is extremely simple and intuitive. Plus, it is very fast.


Track every click and analyze audience metrics like Browser, Location, OS, etc.

UTM tracking

Shorten long URLs that contain UTM tags and retain UTM tracking after redirection.

Free SSL

Every domain that is set up gets a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt.

Zapier and API

Automate your link creation and management with our APIs and zapier integrations.

Blanq is a secure, private, and reliable home for all your links.

"Needed a URL shortener, got much more."


Total customer link redirects in the last year.


Guaranteed uptime of our service no matter what.

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